1989 YZ250 Boyesen Reed Valve

Stock Reed Valve cage looking in from the carburetor side. Notice the large chamber and six reeds.

Propaganda from Boyesen Web site

One piece Tenzalloy casting is exceptionally light-weight and durable. Smooth, seamless intake provides positive directional flow to ports. Increased charge density and flow velocity for increased throttle response and acceleration! Comes complete with Boyesen dual stage Pro-Series Reeds

Side view of the stock reed cage showing the reeds and the metal reed stop.

The stock carb boot with clamp is also shown.

Boyesen RAD-34A reed assembly as it comes out of the box.

Stock Reed Assembly.

Note the stock fuel line loop.

Boyesen RAD-34A Reed Valve.

Note the slightly tighter fuel line loop. This was the only change that I noticed. the reed valve is a drop in for the 1989 yz250. The entire process took less than a hour. I test ran the bike and it seems to be a little crisper. I have not tried it on the track yet. Boyesen recommends that I jet down a size and I still have to do that.