Today is Sandy's birthday and she is finally two. She is seen here with the present Sara bought her.



Today is Sandy's first birthday. The kids got her some presents. "Click here for the video"


We got Sandy back from the kennel today and boy was she happy to be home. We had gone to the Jersey Shore for the week and had placed her in a kennel. We gave a lot of thought to the kennel. Our first choice was to have someone come by the house twice every day to feed her and let her in and out. This seemed like a good idea and we had done it in the past for short, weekend, trips but this would be all week. The more we thought about it the more we realized that she might just sit on the back porch and scratch to get in or something else equally destructive. We also thought that she may end up outside all day in a thunder storm which really scares her. We opted for the kennel, after dropping her off the kind came back in tears.

Well now she is back and tearing around the yard. It looks like we made the right decision and she actually seems to be a little better behaved.

Oh I almost forgot, we found out from the Vet. that she is a Pigmy, or at least that is what he called her, "a Pigmy retriever".

He said we should breed her, I guess he forgot that he is the one that "fixed" that.


Sandy is finally becoming a good dog. She still bites lightly but she is finally house broken and is developing a conscience.

At 7 months she knows her name and will come when called. She can shake both paws, lie down, roll over and look hurt. As much as I did not agree with them the buried electric fence has been great. It is so nice to let her out and not worry about her.