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1989 yz 250
1989 YZ 250

This page is intended to be a notepad area where I can track the changes to this bike. I have found that there is little information out there and very few people in the shops have ever even seen a 89 yz. I bought the bike in 2006 and have fallen in love with it. It is in great condition and for now it is all the bike I need.

Stock Shim Stack Rear Shock 155 lb rider, stock spring 5.2 kg/mm  
RaceTech Shim Stack Rear Shock 200 lb rider, 5.6 kg/mm spring  
Reed Valve Boyesen RAD-34A Reed Valve  
Front Spring Replacement Installing springs for a 200 lb rider  
Boyesen Boost Ports Porting the 89 yz250 for Boyesen reeds  
Calculate Spring Rate Fork and Shock spring rate calculator  
2001 forks conversion Install 2001 forks on a 89 YZ250